Gamificación bilingüe. Historia 2º ESO
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Israel Peralta Pérez. Creado con

Run away from your destiny

If you are born in the middle ages you will be doomed to a life of hardship and exhausting work from sunrise to sunset, in some lost fief of nowhere. Your life will pass in those filthy acres and your death will only be remembered by your children, who will run the same fate as you.


But you will have the opportunity to escape to your future. You will receive of a small territory and overcoming with effort the missions you will find in some of the most splendid cities of the past, a trip that will take you to Constantinople, Mecca, Zamora and Cordoba. You will recive resources with each successful mission  that will help you to develop you territory and tranform it into a magnfiicent city. If your city get 10 levels and you overpass the final mision you'll become a true CITIZEN.  


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